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Issue a Migration Request

Fill-out a simple form, and let us do all the work!

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You can either send us a website archive file, generated by the Duplicator plugin, or request a migration through the Dashboard:

Using the Pressidium Dashboard

From the Websites overview screen:

  1. Click the Migration drop-down action button.

  2. Select Migration Request to navigate to the Website Migration Request screen.

Fill in the required details in 5 easy steps:

  1.  Name of your WordPress site.

  2.  Your WordPress administrator credentials. These are the credentials you use to login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

  3. Your Control Panel credentials (CPanel, Plesk etc.). These are the credentials you use to login and manage your website / hosting account, they are typically provided by your hosting provider.

  4. Your FTP / SSH / SFTP credentials. These are the credentials you use to manage your website files.

  5. Your primary domain and any redirect domains. The primary domain will be the domain associated with your WordPress installation.

  6. Any additional information that will help our team during the migration. Things such as HTTP Auth credentials, quirky plugins, other constraints, and so on.

Once we receive your request, we will keep you in the loop regarding the state of your site's migration and will contact you if any further information is required. 

Depending on the details provided, our team will select the best method(s) to perform the migration in a fast and reliable way! 

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