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Which formats does the Migration Wizard support?
Which formats does the Migration Wizard support?

A short list of the database archive filenames, vendors, and supported formats.

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Our Migration Wizard can import ZIP archives that must contain the following content:

  • Your WordPress wp-content folder containing folders: plugins, themes, uploads.

  • A Database dump file in SQL file format with the full contents of the database. WordPress core database definitions and table names should be present in the dump.

  • A wp-config.php file specifying the table prefix. This must match the table prefix in your database dump file.

The following archive formats and structures are supported:

  • database.sql,dup-database__(.*)\.sql$ : Duplicator plugin, flat ZIP file.

  • mysql.sql : WPEngine, flat ZIP file.

  • wp-content/mysqldb-dump.sql : Pressidium Instant Backup, flat ZIP file.

  • bvfulldump.sql : BlogVault Archive, flat ZIP file.

The following archives format are NOT supported:

  • Duplicator Pro custom DupArchive ( .daf ) format.


  • If the migrator fails to detect a database dump in the above locations, it will scan the archive for any file matching the pattern *.sql . The first match will be used as the database dump to import. 

  • Ensure that the archive does not contain multiple wp-config.php files or multiple nested WordPress installations as this might result in the migration process failing.

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