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Pressidium out-of-the-box security
Pressidium out-of-the-box security

Security measures provisioned to keep your sites safe.

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We provide the following security measures out-of-the-box and for every plan:

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

We fully support the Let's Encrypt initiative, and provide free certificate integration from our Dashboard.

Web Application Firewall

We transparently scan and filter every incoming request on the application layer. 

Brute-force login blocking

We block per IP in case of multiple failed login attempts.

Full malware scanning and report

We transparently scan, detect and block malware and other WordPress vulnerabilities and provide detailed report. 

Cleanup, and post-mortem analysis

 In case of a security incident, we perform a clean-up, bring back your WordPress site, conduct a full post-mortem analysis and report our results back to you.

Managed software &  security updates

We proactively install WordPress security updates, after testing them to ensure proper operation. 

In addition the following measures are available to customers on the Business, Business Plus and Enterprise plans:

Geo-blocking per IP or geographical region

We can Block an entire geographical region, or a set of IPs.

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