The following backup facilities are provided in all plans.

Instant Backups

These types of backups provide an instant archived version of your WordPress site. 

  1. Select the Websites menu option from the Dashboard sidebar. 
  2. Go to your website's overview by clicking on its name.
  3. Finally, click the Backup Points tab.

From there, you can:

What is backed up?

  • Everything in your WordPress folder, excluding this list of files
  • A snapshot of the current database.  

Important: The retention policy for Instant backups is 15 days.

Offsite Backups

Offsite backups are being stored in a safe off-site facility, in cases of catastrophic failure. Offsite backups contain all your websites and media, including the SQL database. 

Off-site backups are not accessible via the Dashboard, so please open an off-site backup restore request.

Important: The retention policy for offsite backups is 30 days.

Automated Backups

Every 24 hours our infrastructure performs automatically one Instant backup and one off-site.

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