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Initialize your Staging environment

Quickly create a staging environment for your website

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A Staging environment is a great way to test out changes in your website without affecting the operation of your main website. Example of changes that can be easily performed on a Staging environment include (but are not limited to):

Using the Pressidium Dashboard

To create a staging environment, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Websites menu option from the Dashboard sidebar. 

  2. Click on your website's name to go to the website overview.

  3. Click Staging in the navigation bar.

Click Create Staging to initialize the staging environment creation process. You can monitor the operation by following the on screen progress indicator or by inspecting the Activity In Progress panel in the Sidebar. Once the process is completed you will receive a Dashboard Notification and you can access your new Staging environment!

Staging websites by default are created with a URL on the domain. You can get your staging environment URL by looking at the Primary Domain value in the Domains and SSL  section.

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