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How we update the WordPress core in Pressidium

Read about our safe update procedure.

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We update your WordPress core on the following schedule :

  • Security releases (or minor releases, like 5.0 to 5.0.1) are applied automatically within 24 hours of official release without notifying you. These kind of updates are often emergency security fixes and they typically don’t update or add any functionality to your site – so the risk of breaking things on your site is rather minimal.

  • For Major releases (like 5.0 to 5.1) we wait until the first minor/maintenance release (eg. 5.1.1) is available and apply it automatically, roughly two weeks after the official release. Major releases add and often update existing functionality, so it is possible (not often but the possibility is there) to break your site, or to make your plugins miss behave, or to break the layout of your template. For this reason we 1) wait until the first minor maintenance release is available 2) giving our customers a two week "grace" period so they can test their sites with ease in the staging environment.

Safe WordPress updates

Our upgrading policy is to push security releases (minor versions) within 24 hours after public announcement and major releases roughly two weeks after their first minor/maintenance official release.

Our automated procedure consists of the following steps :

  1. Before proceeding we make sure that your site is working properly.

  2. We take an Instant backup of your site just before upgrading.

  3. We upgrade your core files to the latest official stable release.

  4. Once the upgrade is done, we load your site and we perform a series of integrity checks.

  5. If all integrity tests go green the upgrade is finished. If not, then we immediately rollback everything. If the upgrade fails for some reason, a support ticket is automatically opened so we can further inspect it. 

Need more time?

If you need more than two weeks for testing, then contact our support team and ask your site(s) to be excluded from the automatic update.

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