Using the Pressidium Dashboard

  1. Select the Websites menu option from the Dashboard sidebar. 
  2. Click on your website's name to go to the website overview.
  3. Click the Domains tab to view all mapped domains for your website.
  4. Locate the domain you want to issue a certificate for and click Configure Change Behavior.
  5. Select Yes for Enable HTTPS.
  6. Select Free by Let’s Encrypt for Select type of SSL Certificate.
  7. Click Confirm to save the changes. A background job will be initiated to generate and install the certificate on the website.

Using the Pressidium Portal

From your Dashboard, select the SSL Certificates menu option:

Then, click on the Generate a free Let’s Encrypt certificate button.

In the following dialog, select the website you wish to have Let's Encrypt installed, and finally click the Create & Install SSL Certificate button.

Check the Force redirect all URLs to https button, to have all non-secure requests automatically be redirected to your secure website.  

Finally, click the Create & Install SSL Certificate button, to have it automatically installed on your WordPress site.

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