Manage SFTP users

Create, edit and delete additional SFTP users.

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Using the Pressidium Dashboard

  1. Select the Websites menu option from the Dashboard sidebar. 

  2. Go to your website's overview by clicking on its name.

  3. Navigate to the SFTP page by clicking the link on the navigation bar.

To add a new user:

  1. Click New.

  2. Select Environment (Production or Staging) to grant access to the production or staging environment respectively. A user can only access files and data of the selected environment.

  3. Provide a User name and a Password. A strong password (mixed lower case and uppercase Latin characters, numbers and special characters) is recommended

  4. Click Create to create the user.

Test the newly created user by connecting to your website via SFTP.

To delete a user:

  1. Locate the user in the SFTP Users list.

  2. Click Delete to display the user deletion confirmation dialog.

  3. Click Delete to permanently delete the user.

To change a user's password:

  1. Locate the user in the SFTP Users list.

  2. Click Change Password.

  3. Enter the new password and click Update.


  • Each SFTP user account has access only to the associated website and data, and nowhere else!

  • The account owner has an SFTP account, displayed as a "master" account, that has access to all websites via SFTP. Use it with your Dashboard credentials. It is recommended to avoid using and/or sharing this account and instead create a separate account for each website you want to access.

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