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Integrate a repository with your WordPress site

Connect your Pressidium WordPress site with a repository

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You can use a third-party service like DeployHQ to integrate your repository (Git, SCM, etc) and deploy to your Pressidium WordPress site or, alternatively, utilize an automation flow via your Git repository hosting service. 

To integrate your repository via DeployHQ

Take a look at DeployHQ's support documentation. You will need to supply the following Pressidium-related information:

Protocol: SSH/SFTP
Hostname: your WordPress site's SFTP address.
Port: your WordPress site's SFTP port number.
Username: your SFTP username
Password: your SFTP password

Deployment paths:

  • acme_shop_2-dev-www for the Staging environment

  • acme_shop_2-www for the Production environment

Please note that if you are using a default, account wide "master" SFTP account (an account with the u prefix), the paths are different since they include the top level website information as well:

  • /acme_shop_2-dev/acme_shop_2-dev-www for the Staging environment

  • /acme_shop_2/acme_shop_2-www for the Production environment

To integrate via a GitHub automation flow

Take a look at our article Building a CI/CD Workflow – Automatically Deploying a WordPress Theme with GitHub Actions to learn how you can streamline your WordPress deployment process using GitHub Actions. You can use the pre-built GitHub SFTP deployment actions mentioned in the article to automatically build and deploy a WordPress theme (or plugin) to your WordPress site.

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