1. Select the Website Migration menu option in the Dashboard sidebar.
  2. Click on Do It Yourself.

The Migration Wizard appears, which will guide you with your WordPress migration step by step.

Follow the on-screen instructions for each step. Briefly, the five steps are the following:

  1. Preparation: You upgrade your WordPress core to the latest version, your plugins and themes, and install the Duplicator plugin.
  2. You use the Duplicator plugin to create an archive of your WordPress site. In the end you will be provided with an archive URL, which you will need to copy.
  3. You import the archive to an existing or a new install.
  4. You map your domain, do a thorough test of your WordPress site  and when done, you switch DNS to point to Pressidium
  5. If everything went according to plan, your migration is finished!

Note: Don't hesitate to open a support request for any issues that might pop-up in the process. 

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