How to Redirect URLs

A versatile way of handling page errors, and other URL issues.

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There are two ways to setup redirects in Pressidium, PHP-based and Server-side based redirects

PHP based redirects

In case you want to redirect one WordPress post/page to another, you can simply choose a Plugin that does this job without any more hassle from your end.

Suggested redirect plugins are:
โ€‹Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin
โ€‹SEO Redirection Plugin (can also monitor/redirect 404 errors)

In general, for 404 error monitoring, we would suggest you to log into your Google Webmaster Tools account and check the crawl section. In the Crawl Errors page, Google highlights any page that Google is unable to index.

Server-Side based redirects

Server-side redirects are the most powerful, but not the easiest redirects one can implement. With server-side redirects you can do any kind of redirect you can imagine of, static or not, using regular expressions for matching, doing custom HTTP code redirects and anything in between.

We maintain a special backend layer of Apache servers for housing your redirect needs. That means that you can harness the power of .htaccess for your rewrites/redirects as you would use on any other host.

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