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Clear your WordPress site cache

Useful for troubleshooting issues.

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Using the Pressidium Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the website overview screen by selecting / clicking on the related card in the Websites screen. Tip: You can quickly navigate to a website by using the S keyboard shortcut to bring up the quick search dialog.

  2. Click on the Production operations button on the navigation bar to display the related drop-down menu.

  3. Click the Clear Caches menu item, a confirmation dialog is displayed.

  4. Finally, confirm the action by clicking Clear. A background operation to clear the website cache will be triggered. When the operation is completed a notification will be displayed in the sidebar panel.

Using the WordPress Admin Dashboard

  1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.

  2. Click on the Pressidium sidebar menu to open up the Pressidium platform settings.

  3. Click the Caching tab to go to the Cache settings screen.

  4. Click the Purge All Caches button to clear the page cache and WordPress own object cache.

  5. Click on the Purge WP Object  Cache to clear only the WordPress object cache.

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