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Why is DISABLE_WP_CRON set to true?

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WordPress triggers wp-cron.php  to check for scheduled jobs every time someone visits your website.  This creates problems for both low and high traffic WordPress sites:

  • An hourly scheduled job won't be executed if no one visits your site within an hour.

  • A high-traffic site will experience slowness and increased resource usage, since wp-cron.php is getting triggered by each visit. 

In order to address this, we've used the well-known and stable Linux cron service. When you create a new WordPress site, our platform provisions a special Linux cron entry, that triggers wp-cron.php  every five minutes. This ensures your scheduled jobs executing on time, without overloading your WordPress site.

This is why we have DISABLE_WP_CRON => TRUE

This only affects the triggering mechanism, and doesn't break the wp-cron scheduling at all.

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