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Reviewing your team's activity with the Activity Log
Reviewing your team's activity with the Activity Log

Get information about who did what, when

Written by Team Pressidium
Updated over a week ago

With multiple people from your team (learn how to manage multiple team members) able to access your Pressidium Dashboard, sometimes it’s useful to be able to keep tabs on who has done what. Equally, in the event of a problem, being able to see what actions were taken, and when they were performed, can help troubleshoot an issue. You can get all this information and more using the Activity Log.

To access your team's Activity Log from your Dashboard:

  • Select Team in the left hand menu sidebar.

  • Click the Activity Log tab at the top of your screen alongside the Team Settings button.

The last 100 activity entries will be displayed. For each entry you can view the action that was performed, the related website and environment as well as the action date and the team member that initiated the action. Hovering over the action name will give you the Activity Log ID, which might be usefull in case you need to troubleshoot an action with our Support Team.

Please note that you need to be a Team Owner to be able to access and review the Activity Log.

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