Create a websites report

Export information for all your websites to a CSV file

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You can export the list of websites, with additional information, directly from the Dashboard.

  • Navigate to the Websites screen.

  • Click Export.

Once the report is generated your browser will automatically start to download the CSV report file. In some cases you may be prompted to save the file to a location on your computer. You can open the file using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or another program that can process CSV files. Depending on the program used you might need to utilize the Text-To-Columns functionality to split the information into separate columns. The first line of the CSV file always contains the heading / label for each column.

The following information is included in the report:

  • Website name

  • Created on date

  • Site URL

  • Unique Visits

  • Storage

  • CDN Usage

  • WordPress Type

  • Production environment total number of domains

  • Production environment PHP version

  • Production environment WordPress core version

  • Production environment available plugin updates

  • Staging environment PHP version

  • Staging environment WordPress core version

  • Staging environment available plugin updates

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