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Log in to WordPress with a One-Time Login link (seamless login)
Log in to WordPress with a One-Time Login link (seamless login)

Log in to WordPress from the Pressidium dashboard with a One-Time Login link

Written by Team Pressidium
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Seamless login allows website owners and team members, with management access to a specific website, to securely log in to the WordPress admin Dashboard directly from the Pressidium dashboard by creating a temporary one-time login link.

Note: We are gradually enabling this feature across our user base so it might not be yet activated on your account.

Logging in to a website with a One Time Login link (seamless login)

  1. Navigate to the website overview screen by selecting/clicking on the related card in the Websites overview screen. Tip: You can quickly navigate to a website by using the S keyboard shortcut to bring up the quick search dialog.

  2. Click the "ellipsis" action menu located in the Domains and SSL section to display the drop-down action menu.

  3. Click One Time Login for wp-admin.

  4. Click the Create One Time Login link button to create a one-time login link for logging into the WP Admin Dashboard. When the process is finished, the link will be displayed in the modal body. You can click on it to log in to your WordPress website or copy-paste it.

  5. Alternatively, you can close the modal and copy the link from the related Dashboard notification.


  • The link is valid for 10 minutes only.

  • The link is temporary and can be used only once. To re-login to your website, at a later time, you will have to create a new link.

How the One Time Login link works

When clicking the WP Admin button, we attempt, behind the scenes, to create a secure, temporary, one-time login link using the same email you use for your current Pressidium Dashboard session.

  • If the email of your current Dashboard session matches the email of a registered WordPress user account, our system will be able to successfully create a login link (please see the compatibility section below for possible exceptions).

  • If the email does not match a registered WordPress user the process will fail. In this case, a failure notification will be displayed in the Dashboard.

Limitations / Compatibility

Creating a one-time login link might fail or not work correctly (i.e. auto login the user) in the following cases:

  • A plugin (or code) is active that changes (or "hides") the default WordPress login URL.

  • A multisite website.

  • A plugin (or code) is active that alters the default WordPress login process (e.g. a 2FA or MFA plugin or other custom login mechanism).

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