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Your WordPress site's new infrastructure.
Your WordPress site's new infrastructure.

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If you are reading this, chances are you just on-boarded Pressidium, and are in the process of migrating your WordPress website. Moving into a new place is both exciting and stressful at the same time. 

Having that in mind, we have completely standardised the migration process (from the very start)  to eliminate the stress, but keep the excitement. And that excitement we want to pass on to you! (also your website's migration will be completed in 24 to 48h depending on load).

 Great..!  my website's new infrastructure ?

Regardless of your subscription plan, your website will be served by a highly-available, fault-tolerant infrastructure, and not just by a single web-server.  This is why your WordPress site has two IP address, instead of one.

Your website, including your database, is served by a pool of servers that can grow (or shrink) very easily, according to demand. If one of the servers in your pool goes offline, the others continue to deliver your website as if nothing happened. 

As a developer you don't need to implement, or configure anything in order for your code to be highly-available. This, in technical terms, is called transparent high availability.

The bulk of your daily management operations is done through the Pressidium Dashboard, which is a dashboard-style web interface.

From there you can do things such as:

If you have a specific question, please first take a  look in our Frequently Asked Questions article. If you can't find a satisfying answer there, do not hesitate to send us a support request.

You can also check the health status of our infrastructure and notified for system-wide updates, by visiting the Cloud Status page.

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